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Mudkips not included

James Egan

What do you get when you cross Pokémon with the Chinese literary classic 'Journey to the West' ? This hybrid is Pocketpet Journey West, a quirky little title that could only come from Asia. The game is being developed by Perfect World, whose focus is on the Chinese online gaming market, although they've licensed their games to operators in ten other countries so far. No definitive announcement has been made as to whether Pocketpet Journey West is coming to North American or European markets, but Perfect World stated their intent to bring more of their titles to overseas markets.

Pocketpet Journey West is a game almost entirely based around pets. Players can capture and tame monsters, boost their pet's attributes, and trade those pets with other players. Perhaps the oddest feature of the pet system is that two pets can be merged into one, with customized or enhanced abilities. When a player isn't gene-splicing their beloved little (and not-so-little) companions, they can take to the skies and cloud surf. Sounds like a wonderfully bizarre title, and one that Massively will keep an eye on in the future. If they do have a release outside of China, Pocketpet Journey West might be the answer to at least one Massively writer's hopes for an MMO sugar fix.

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