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Nokia: services effort to pay off in 2010

Chris Ziegler

Mobile services are a tough nut to crack by any standard, so when a new player wants to step up to the plate, they'd best have a whole heap of cash in tow and a dedication to stick it out for the long term. That's exactly the path Nokia finds itself going down, with the CFO admitting last week that it dropped nine figures (in euros -- not dollars) last year ramping up various segments of its Ovi initiative -- chiefly the Music Store, we'd imagine -- and will continue to shovel giant piles of cash in that direction until at least 2010, at which point the company hopes to finally see a profit for its efforts. That's a long time to commit to being in "investment mode" as they're calling it, but when you control a crushingly massive percentage of the world's mobile market share, you can probably afford those sorts of things.

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