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Sunday Morning Funnies: You inspire me

Amanda Miller

For the long weekend, we have several nifty comics that are all geared up to entertain you. From commentary and the creative process, to booby-traps and those poor dwarves, you won't want to miss this week's line-up.

  1. World of Warcraft is the inspiration for many games. Apparently, not all are that great.
  2. Everyone is suffering over at Dark Legacy Comics, but there is still time to play games. Too bad there is no time for pants.
  3. Where would the long weekend be without Activision/Vivendi commentary? Nowhere. It would exist nowhere.
  4. The warlock's predicament continues, first as he attempts to escape his unforeseen captivity and then, well, let's just say he's in trouble.
  5. Everyone needs a little gardening humor.
  6. Ding! shows us how to show the vendors some love. Okay, maybe not terribly ineffectual vendors.
  7. Teh Gladiators give their little pet a chance to rampage. He is still not an ostrich.
  8. This week, Disgraph brings us Indiana Dwarf and the Temple of the Frozen Beta.
Ready to vote? Pass through the break and choose your favorite from this week.

Results from the week of May 11th 2008 to May 17th 2008:
One of my favorites won that week, and again, I won't spoil it for you. LFG won 20.6% of the vote, and came in first!

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