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Aussie gamers prefer smashing their guns over getting shot

Phil Larsen

Speaking with the local paper merchants, Nintendo Australia's Rose Lappin seemed to like Wii Fit's chances against the current everywhere-but-Wii juggernaut Grand Theft Auto. After starting out with standard banter concerning the Wii and DS dominating Aussie sales charts, Lappin confidently talked up the ability of Wii Fit to snag the majority interest of gamers over the long-term.

A bunch of sweaty Australian fitness fanatics have already been doing push-ups (read: smashing guns) for almost three weeks now using Wii Fit. During that time, the Balance Board of Justice stole the top sales spot away from GTA IV (irony is funny), and it hasn't been able to reclaim its crown.

Lappin reassures us that Wii Fit will be supported for a long time, and is also pleased to see some physical education programs in local schools using the package to transform John Q Kid into Lil' Rambo. We're sure this is music to the ears of many parents in Australia, who would love to keep their chil'n away from Niko Bellic and his array of misadventures.


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