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Keepin' it real fake, part CXX: tiny N95 ripoff captures our hearts

Chris Ziegler

Nokia's N95 had made for a popular knockoff target, but usually, the result is... you know, about the same size as the original. Not so with the Leady MM95, though, which rests comfortably within the palm of a hand and packs an FM radio with scheduled recording capability, VGA camera (a far cry from the N95's 5 megapixels, granted), support for six languages, microSD slot, and a dual-band GSM radio that should be just enough to get by in Europe and Asia as long as you don't rely on data too heavily. Given the accuracy of the details and the variety of colors available, we can envision N95 owners buying this one to perform a few "magic tricks" on their friends, making videos entitled "Paul Bunyan talking on an N95," and just generally making sure that hilarity ensures. Your results may vary, of course -- especially when you realize that the phone functionality is worth a big, fat goose egg in the States.

[Thanks, Jack G.]

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