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Learn how to be a Monk from the Dungeons and Dragons Online masters

Michael Zenke

Tomorrow on the Dungeons and Dragons Online test server (otherwise known as Risia) masters of the ancient martial arts will be forming sparring parties in the taverns of Stormreach. As a kickoff to "Monk Week" and a preview of the upcoming Module 7 release for the game, players can hop into test for an old fashioned kung-fu brawl or two. These locations will be playing host to the ancient Masters:
  • The Wayward Lobster, located in the Harbor
  • The Hammersmith Inn, located in the House Deneith ward
  • The Open Palm, located in the House Jorasco ward
  • The Phoenix Tavern, located in the Marketplace
Interested players can head there to form parties and try out their new abilities against each other in head-to-head PvP action. Commemorative headgear will be handed out by the GM participants, who will also be forming sparring teams. Make sure to get there early to avoid the rush. Instructions for getting onto Risia are avaiable on the official DDO site.

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