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Motorola A810 gets detailed, but not by Motorola

Chris Ziegler

Taiwanese site ePrice managed to put an example of Motorola's upcoming A810 Linux phone for Asian markets through its paces recently, and while it may not carry the mystique of the also-inbound A1600 MING 2, it's still a whole heck of a lot more Linux than Moto gives us 'round these parts (pardon the bitterness in our voices here). Sounds like it's a really solidly built device -- despite the fact that it's a prototype -- and features like a 3.5mm headphone jack and physical lock switch are going a little way toward helping us forget that there's no 3G on board. The user interface looks a little cartoonish, but we certainly wouldn't be surprised if it could be skinned to suit the user's fancy. ePrice's little pictorial is about the closest any of us will get to this China special, so we definitely recommend the read.

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