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Oekaki Logic puzzles Japanese WiiWare tomorrow


As part of tomorrow's WiiWare update, publisher G-mode is releasing a puzzle game called Oekaki Logic. It's basically a nice-looking, colorful picross game for 500 Wii Points, which sounds like a winner to us. Should you exhaust the puzzle selection found in the base game, G-mode will be offering monthly content packs, from June through October, for 300 points. Normally we get all huffy about DLC, but adding new puzzles like that seems like a good idea, and 300 points is a pretty minor charge for the convenience.

Other convenient features include an "Easy Focus" system that dynamically tabulates row and column numbers, and a selection of color schemes designed to go with the player's mood. Or, rather, to change the player's mood from "frustrated."

[Via GAME Watch]

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