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'One Man's Journey' tries and fails at Wii Fit


One Man's Journey recovers from the Rock Band disaster of '07 and releases another tale of self-realization. This time, the overly-optimistic Matt Downham is looking to lose some weight and (feeding into the hype) believes Wii Fit is going to get him to do that -- just like he wanted Rock Band to turn him into a rock star. Matt's faithful companion, Friend, joins him again on this adventure of self-discovery, standing by his side and offering his own special brand of support.

Of course, similar to what happened with Rock Band, Matt's hopes and dreams of Wii Fit curing his weight condition lead to what the movie advertisements refer to as a "roaring rampage of revenge" (after catching his breath from walking up the stairs). He roars. He rampages. We just hope Friend survives for the next big game launch sporting a plastic peripheral.

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