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The eleven-minute Automatic Mario masterpiece

It's been months since the e-fad of creating automated levels in Super Mario World to the tune of popular Anime soundtracks surfaced -- normally, that's much longer than the lifespan of most internet memes. However, this post-mortem contribution to the Mario-on-rails movement caught our attention (as well as the collective attention of Digg-dwellers) largely due to the fact that "months" is the amount of time the architect of the above masterwork needed to really hone his craft.

The above eleven-minute long video, set to a remixed hodge-podge of Anime songs (feel free to flaunt your knowledge of Anime theme music in the comments), is absolutely incredible. Not only do Mario's predetermined movements match up perfectly to the music, the sound effects are often pitch perfect to the background track. It's difficult to explain -- we suggest you watch it to fully comprehend, then spend the rest of the day wondering if all those Journey covers you made on Mario Paint are still as breathtaking as you once thought.

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