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The Joystiq Memorial Day Weekend

Ross Miller

Happy Memorial Day, US readers! (For the UK, happy bank holiday. For everyone else, fill in your own holiday!) So what games did you play to bide the time? (Image via Rakka on Flickr) Check out the highlights for today:

Counting Rupees: Digital Rights Madness
DS Fanboy's week of homebrew
Japanese hardware sales, May 12 - May 18: Déjà vu edition
The Joystiq Free Game Club: The Several Journeys of Reemus
Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is on the rain-free precipice of sunshine and rainbows

Nintendo ranks 4th on 'BusinessWeek InfoTech 100'
Halcyon Company planning games based on Philip K Dick novels
Rockers show off Guitar Hero's velocity-sensitive drum kits
Abertay University researchers create training game for Scotland cops
Final Fantasy IV trailer gets English subtitles
Mötley Crüe single downloaded on Rock Band five times more than on iTunes
Gears of War 2 details emerge from X360 magazine
Gamestop sponsors driver in NASCAR Nationwide Series
Bushnell: New encryption chip to effectively end PC gaming piracy
Gamestop taking preorders for Gears of War re-release, launches June 24
Dr. Mario prescribes Family Table Tennis for WiiWare
New games this week: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
Rock Band Weekly: The Cars' self-titled debut album
Download now, or forever hold your points: Potential delisted Xbox Live Arcade titles
Metal Slug makes City Connection on Virtual Console
Age of Conan celebrates 400,000 players
'Defense is important' in Ninja Gaiden II
Race Driver: GRID demo races to a million downloads

Rumors & Speculation
Rumorang: Killer Instinct making a return?
Gamestop prices Guitar Hero: World Tour bundle at $189
Rumor: Street Fighter IV heading to PS3, Xbox 360, PC this winter

Culture & Community
Metal Gear Retrospective: Part Three explores the Big Shell incident
The eleven-minute Automatic Mario masterpiece
'One Man's Journey' tries and fails at Wii Fit
To Hideo Kojima stalkers: He's in London next week

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