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Another interview with TR's new lead designer

Chris Chester

When it was announced that designer Paul Sage was stepping away from Tabula Rasa to pursue other projects within NCsoft, many players in the community were understandably concerned. So much so, this blogger observed, that many didn't even pause to reflect on the ideas of the new guy in the lead designer hot seat - Tom Potter. Perhaps mindful of this, their PR squad appears to be shopping him around to various sites so players can get comfortable with the man and his ideas.

In his latest interview, Potter doesn't step out of the box terribly much. After describing his history in the game industry, he pretty much toes the existing line of restrained enthusiasm for features already announced (like the clan-controlled CPs we've heard about for months), without really giving any concrete facts or ideas for us to chew on. Potter said that with unlimited time and budget, he'd love to implement things like space stations and Bane motherships. While this is a neat idea, it's something we were sort of expecting from future expansions anyway, and not something that would be liable to bring TR off of life-support. Perhaps we're asking too much, but we just want to be excited about the game again.

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