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Massively's video preview of DDO Module 7

Mike Schramm

In addition to our gigantic walkthrough of Dungeons and Dragons Online's upcoming content update, we also got the chance to get some exclusive video of the new content for you to check out. Above, you can see our run through the revamped content at Three Barrel Cove, a few fights in the new Subterrane instance, and a special preview at the end of one of the impressive raid bosses -- bad doggie!

Keep an eye out for the awesome Monk ability of Abundant Leap as well -- you can see it right in the middle of the kobold battle on the coast. And right after that, there's a look at one of the two new enemy models in the content update: the Sahaguin, a fishpeople living in the pirate-themed area of Three Barrel Cove. Later, there's a look inside the Subterrane's Xoriat area (with beholders and other creeps), and finally, the Hound of Xoriat herself (with puppies in tow) makes a scary appearance.

It was definitely a lot of fun to see what the DDO team has been up to lately, and DDO players will undoubtedly enjoy the free update of Module 7 on June 3rd. If this video piques your interest, be sure to see the entire walkthrough, right here on Massively.

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