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Destroy the world with your voice


Famitsu has posted a handful of new screens for Sega and Image Epoch's topsy-turvy RPG, World Destruction.

As well as giving us the first glimpse of the battle system at work, there's also some character art featuring members of the World Destruction Committee (and main protagonists) Kirie and Molte, and a wolf/man captain from the World Salvation Committee, which, as the name suggests, is out to save the world, and is thus the direct enemy of the WDC.

Also appearing is an unnamed member of the Golden Lion, a separate guerilla group with similar aims to the World Destruction Committee (disposing of the World Salvation Committee) but a different methodology (not totally destroying the whole world). It all sounds very entangled.

Famitsu also mentions one of World Destructions' more unique selling-points: the ability to purchase and then equip different voices for your characters, which will presumably change the course of battles. The details of how this will work are still a little cloudy, but it sounds like a potentially fascinating addition.

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