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HDNet to get Adrenaline boost

Steven Kim

Rack up another collaboration for the MMA-centric HDNet Fights brand. The topsy turvy world of MMA has seen lots of M&A activity over the past year, which fits pretty well with HDNet Fights' come-one-come-all partnership attitude. Adrenaline MMA, formerly under the M-1 Global banner, will be bringing its first three cards to HDNet. The first event will be in Chicago on June 14, with a second show on September 6. Disappointingly, this agreement comes too late for those hoping to see top-ranked Fedor Emelianenko come to HDNet, as he split with M-1 before the restructuring; so any Emelianenko vs. Silvia matchup will have to be a cross-promotion. But like we said, it just might be possible in the "anything goes" operations of HDNet Fights.

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