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Mario Armstrong demonstrates Wii Fit for CNN


Just the fact that a major news outlet is covering Nintendo's Wii Fit isn't enough to be featured on this blog. Oh no, you have to present us with something we want. Here, CNN has succeeded, as the linked video showcases the title's hula hoop minigame.

Then again, you're not us, so perhaps you could care less about the hula hooping? If that's the case, then know that they tackle the subject of Wii Fit versus a traditional gym membership or workout regimen in the segment. The individual demonstrating the title for CNN, Mario Armstrong, sees this more as a game and less of a substitute for traditional exercise. He does make a valid point, however, in that Wii Fit could be a good motivator to ease people into a healthier lifestyle, as the physical activity in the game would make it easier for individuals to transition into a more intense routine.


[Via Go Nintendo]

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