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NTT DoCoMo's 906i and 706i handsets answer "who's your daddy?"


We'll get into more detail later, but we thought it was appropriate to share the moment when the Japanese showed the world just how pathetic your 3G iPhone fantasies really are. Announced today are 19 new handsets from NTT DoCoMo's 906i and 706i series. All 8 of the 906i feature 3G / GSM international roaming, GPS, HSDPA, 1-seg mobile TV, full browser with Flash 8 support, DCMX mobile credit card and iD mobile credit payment tech, VGA LCD screens, and voice to text translation of Chinese, English, and Japanese. Some even support direct transfer of Blu-ray video. The 11-strong 706i series features a variety of handsets including a waterproof 1-Seg phone, world's slimmest 1-Seg phone, and a wellness phone to monitor your health and diet. All eleven 706i phones rounded up and pictured after the break.

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