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Sprint's June launch calendar confirms QChat availability

Chris Ziegler

So that rumored June 15 launch date for QChat in retail channels was pretty much spot on, it seems, according to the latest Brightpoint launch sheet for the month. The shot, posted on the always-chatty HoFo, reveals that Sanyo's PRO-200 and PRO-700 are expected for $249.99 and $279.99, respectively, while the Samsung Z400 comes in at $299.99 and the LG LX400 at $279.99. That's not a very wide range of price points for the initial round of QChat devices, a sign that Sprint's probably totally cool limiting interest in the service to business customers initially. Also due on the 15th is a fresh USB modem, the U680, which is being touted as "the only USB Modem that fits the design of the MacBook AIR [sic] without using USB connection cable." It's the Franklin CDU-680 in its generic form, and it's indeed pretty small as external data sticks go -- music to the ears of Air owners, we'd imagine.

[Via PhoneNews]

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