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Take me out to the panda-suit-wearing cat ballgame


We were already a bit weirded out by the announcement of Hello Kitty being named Japan's "Tourism Ambassador" to China and Hong Kong, despite not existing. But now, seemingly in celebration of the mouthless cartoon cat's new increased visibility in China (or just as a result of weirdly fortuitous timing), she'll "honor" one of China's most beloved national symbols in a series of athletic competitions.

Either that or Sanrio and publisher Dorasu just thought that putting Hello Kitty in a panda suit for a whole game would be cute. Which it is. Hello Kitty Panda Sports Stadium features 12 sporting minigames starring cats clad in panda suits, but only judo and baseball have been revealed in screens. But, really, any sport would be made better with the addition of Hello Kitty's blank stare peeking out of the cushy maw of a plush panda head.

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