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WoW Insider Weekly

Mike Schramm

Missed some of our great weekly content over the last seven days? Worry not, good reader! Here it is, recapped in easily clickable link roundup form.

Insider Trader: Wrath alpha edition
Insider Trader examines what just might happen with professions in the expansion.
Blood Pact: The Warlock's way ahead, part 1
Vims examines what's next for the class that parties with demons.
Hybrid Theory: Druids and the Wrath alpha
What kind of loving will Druids get when Blizzard takes us up to Northrend?
Guildwatch: 25man raid LF24M, healers and tanks preferred
This is what happens when guilds stop being nice -- and start getting real.

Even more great weekly content found after the jump.

Reader UI of the week: Pondera
That's a lot of addons. A lot a lot.
The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Are we barbarians?
The Warrior column looks towards the future as well, and discusses what's on the horizon for Warriors of all kinds.
Shifting Perspectives: PvP as a moving target
You know a column is worth reading when it starts with a quote from Veronica Mars.
Know Your Lore: Defias Brotherhood
Red-masked assassins? Must be the Defias.

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