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Cox brings 11 new HD channels to Topeka, Kansas

Darren Murph

Historically, Topeka has been one of the last locales in Kansas to get gifted with new HD channels. Nevertheless, quite a few folks in the area are celebrating today as 11 newcomers have joined the fold. From SciFi HD to USA HD to NFL Network HD, Cox has ratcheted Topeka's HD lineup to 36 total stations in addition to HD On Demand. We'll admit, this is a pretty impressive list, and we can only hope it bleeds out to other systems here shortly. Head on past the break for the full rundown of new nets.

[Thanks, Kevin and James]

Comcast's 11 HD newcomers in Topeka, Kansas:

  • NFL HD (626)
  • Travel Channel HD (629)
  • Animal Planet HD (630)
  • Science Channel HD (631)
  • Versus / Golf Channel HD (632)
  • Cinemax HD (633)
  • SciFi HD (634)
  • Bravo HD (635)
  • USA HD (636)
  • CNBC HD (637)
  • Lifetime HD (638)

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