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iPhone SDK beta 6 is here

Cory Bohon

Along with the recent updates to Mac OS X, Apple issued an update to the iPhone beta. We're now up to iPhone beta 6. Currently, Apple has given us no beta update information.

Go to the jump for a liveblog with details as they come in!

[3:11p EST]
Advisory has been updated

[3:12p EST] New provisioning

[3:12p EST] Developers must now register their Application IDs to install apps on their iPhones

[3:13p EST] This is the 6th release of the SDK, the release number is 9m2192

[3:14p EST] The iPhone firmware has been updated as well, the release number for the firmware is 5a308

[3:15p EST] App Ids are a new requirement in provisioning profiles for iPhone OS beta 6, to continue developement with the iPhone SDK, developers must create application IDs and regenerate all provisioning profiles. Previously generated profiles will not work with SDK beta 6.

[3:18p EST] The new SDK beta requires you be running the latest version of Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.3 (which was released earlier today).

[3:20p EST] You can now login to the iPhone dev center to download the updated iPhone SDK. The DMG file is currently weighing it at 1221.8 MBs.

[3:59p EST] Apple just posted the release notes for the updated SDK.

[4:00p EST] Apple removed 6 sample applications from the SDK release.

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