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NCsoft can outgrow profit loss, exec says

Chris Chester

It's been tough times recently for NCsoft. Sales of their big-budget sci-fi MMO Tabula Rasa have been less than spectacular and their numbers for the first fiscal quarter of 2008 were disappointing, to say the least. In a recent report by however, NCsoft CEO Geoff Heath expressed optimism about his company's prospects for the remainder of the year. Despite having no new titles in the cooker (Aion is still beyond the horizon at this point), Heath is of the belief that his company's portfolio is strong enough to simply grow their way back to profitability, saying, "This is a pretty robust business - if you get it right - you've only got to look at World of Warcraft."

Far be it from us to doubt the sincerity of Heath's statements, but that's a heavier dose of optimism than we're accustomed to seeing from an executive. To be sure, NCsoft's portfolio of games is probably the most robust that exists within a single company, and if Lineage II continues growing as strongly in Korea as it as has been, his comments may very well come to fruition. One simply wonders if their aging stable of games is going to continue to see growth in a marketplace that grows more crowded by the day. To be put it nicely, we're less confident than Heath.

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