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Flying Lab wants you at their studio to test content

Andrew Russo

Deep within the jungles, there is a fortress abandoned long ago. Surrounded by mystery, something is stirring within the crumbled walls of this once proud structure. It is a player, stuck in a door, and screaming for help! With your assistance, this certainly will not be the case. The new epic mission is ready for testing, and Flying Lab wants you to be there.

Due to the popularity of Pirates of the Burning Sea's first epic mission, a second was sure to follow. Something macabre, supernatural, and dark was on the board when notes for patch 1.5 were released. The mission is now ready for people to jump into and test their skills against something dark and wicked. Players are invited to the Flying Lab studios in Seattle and the only requirement for participating is a level 50 character. Check in for the sessions is between 6:15 and 9:00PM on May 29th, June 2nd, and June 6th. Head on over there and get a one of a kind chance to test the mission at their offices before it goes live.

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