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Ubisoft bringing Allen Carr's 'Easyway to Stop Smoking' to DS


As evidenced by the many circular singe marks across our DS' bottom screen, we sometimes forget when we've switched the stylus out for a ciggy. Thankfully, Ubisoft and some guy, Allan Carr, frown upon our deleterious, chain-smoking activities, announcing their intention to teach us the "Easyway to Stop Smoking" via the DS. Developed in conjunction with Mr. Carr's "top experts" (top experts), the game will echo the method featured in the Easyway to Stop Smoking book, as well as its network of clinics.

In case you were wondering, Ubisoft's press puff piece notes that said method "removes the smoker's belief that smoking provides them with any genuine pleasure or crutch, takes away the feeling of deprivation and therefore rids the smoker of the fear of stopping." If your lungs haven't been reduced to a hyperventilating mass of black goo by then, you can discover the Easyway to Stop Smoking this November.

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