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Warlords play Buku Sudoku at the Live Arcade

The Xbox Live Arcade grows today with a pair of new additions. Buku Soduku and the Atari multiplayer classic Warlords are now available on the Xbox Live Arcade. Clocking in at 800 MS points, Buku Soduku brings the popular number-puzzler to the Arcade minus all the charm of being able to play it on the bus and/or while breaking the speed limit driving down a highway as you scroll through duplicate Moby tracks on your iPod, while texting death threats to your best friend for adding Moby tracks to your iPod. 'Cuz, Moby sucks.

Warlords, ironically, is less exciting. For 400 MS points you're invited to checkout another classic Atari title, re-imagined for the Xbox Live Arcade. Note to any potential Buku Soduku buyers there is also a free challenge pack with 1,200 additional puzzles (rounding out the total of puzzles to a cool 2,400).

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