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Balance Board makes Google Earth really exciting


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It had to happen sometime! Researchers from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence have developed a PC interface for the Balance Board controller, opening up infinite possibilities for stuff that can be controlled by directed standing.

Their proof-of-concept? Google Earth, followed by Microsoft Virtual Earth and Second Life. Using this interface, the virtual globe becomes a Silver Surfer simulator, allowing users to tour the (fake) Earth from the (fake) skies. In Second Life, the board becomes a virtual Segway, maneuvering your character from place to place by leaning. If you happen to have a totally sweet projector setup like these guys do (it's important for science), so much the better. But we suspect that the experience of flying around the world on the Balance Board would still be damned cool on any size monitor. Now if they'd only release their application, so we can send it to Mike ....

[Via Hacked Gadgets]

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