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Capcom: Multiple platforms 'segment' multiplayer market

Jason Dobson

While there have been a handful of exceptions, generally speaking if you want to play your games over the internet, you'd better hope your friends are doing so on your platform of choice. Now Capcom has become the latest company to bemoan having to support multiple platforms while wishing for a future when fanboys can hold hands and play games together online.

"In an ideal world all the back ends would talk to each other so people could compete together and play together," commented Capcom USA development director Adam Boyes, who added that having multiple gaming platforms "segments the market for multiplayer." While we can see his point, particularly given Capcom's recent interest in taking its console games online, we still can't shake the notion that gamers are better off having multiple platforms competing to help spur innovation -- but don't let us speak for you. Do you like having multiple platforms, or would you rather have a single one for all your gaming wants and needs?

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