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Explore Bahamar Bayou in Sword of the New World


The developers of innovative, free-to-play MMO Sword of the New World have released Update #4 of their Manifest Destiny expansion which introduces the new area, Bahamar Bayou. This swampy area is filled with new monsters, bosses and quests for your adventuring enjoyment. Need a new friend? Then stop off in Auch and start your quest to earn Garcia Gygax, brother to Eduardo, skilled with pistol and rapier. You will need to have completed ALL the Auch quests before you can start the quest for this honorable and ferocious fighter. (And yes, the Gygax brothers are named in honor of the father of role-playing games, E. Gary Gygax).

Also in this patch are new swim trunks and bikinis for those times when you just need to relax and recharge between forays into the wilderness. Also added is Lucifer's Wing Pack and two additional Lacquers.

Be sure to read the full patch notes for the complete list of new features and bug fixes in this latest update!

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