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Flaunt your fab phone: Fido scoops up Sony Ericsson Z750i

Chris Ziegler

Hey, their catchphrase, not ours! Canada's Fido has gone public with Sony Ericsson's latest midrange 3G clam for North America -- the latest released one, anyway -- and they're celebrating the occasion with a nice little package deal. Purchasers of the Z750i are entitled to a free Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headset -- though it'll take a three-year contract to win you the freebie, and we're pretty sure Bluetooth will have been succeeded by at least three or four technologies during that eon. Meanwhile, your children, their children, and their children will have all been born, man will have set foot on Pluto, and RAZR V3s will still be sold on carriers the world over. We digress, though; you can pick it up for $100 CAD (about $101) now on that three-year plan with a data package included. Silver appears to be the only color available at the moment, though we wouldn't be surprised to see that palette expand in the near future.

[Via MobileSyrup]

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