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KumoTek rolls out KT-X humanoid robot kits


Vstone's various humanoid robots have already made their presence known in Japan, and it looks like they're now finally making their way over here with a little help from the folks at Texas-based KumoTek. They've just announced their new line of KT-X series bots (seemingly identical to Vstone's Robovie-X), including the 13-motor KT-X Lite, the 17-motor KT-X, and the 20-motor KT-X Gladiator, all of which are apparently aimed at the educational market and range in price from $990 to $1,490. Like its Vstone counterpart, the KT-X measures about 13 inches tall, and is able to be controlled with a standard PS2 wireless controller, although it apparently comes with the added educational benefit of KumoTek's Robot P.E.T.S. (Robots Promoting Education Through Science) educational system, which the company hopes will help set students off into a career in robotics or mechanical engineering.

[Via I4U News]

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