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Motorola's ZN5 (or whatever) in all its... uh, glory

Chris Ziegler

So wait a second, let us make sure we have this right: buzz has been building for many months around this supposed Motorola superphone -- the ZN5, ZINE, or whatever it's called -- with the hope that it could be just the phone to bring Moto back from the brink. The darned thing's clearly been in the labs for ages, so they've got to be doing something amazing back in there, right? Eh, not so much. First of all, it tops out with EDGE data as expected, which is utterly inexcusable for a device in this class. Granted, it's got WiFi, but we would've expected these guys to spend the few extra bucks, upgrade the chipset, and get MOTOMAGX freaking working with HSDPA. But wait, we haven't even gotten to the best part: that 5 megapixel camera back there? Yeah, no autofocus. Amazing. Hop on over to Boy Genius Report for some more pictures of a phone we'll never be owning.

Update: Whoa, yeah, the ZN5 is supposed to be a candybar. Is this the slider equivalent?

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