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Poverhnost to launch satellite service, HD channels in Ukraine

Darren Murph

Currently, Ukrainians looking for satellite TV service can only point their attention in two directions: NTV+ and Viasat. Now, however, another rival is entering the ring, and we've always heard that three was company. Poverhnost is reportedly gearing up to launch Poverhnost Plus, and its claim to fame is its premium sport and HD channels that will likely trump offerings from the other two. According to a recent report, the satcaster will "launch its own premium sport and HD channels among a package of 60 priced at UAH100 (€13.50) a month," and it's also slated to add 15 more channels in short order without increasing the price. For prospective customers, you should also know that the outfit will be relying on the HD Homecast 5001 IR set-top-box (around $250 or so), but additional STB choices could be made available in the near future. Mum's the word on a launch date, but it certainly can't be far off now.

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