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Vicarious Visions confirms DLC for Guitar Hero World Tour

Candace Savino
We can't help but be skeptical about the DLC in Guitar Hero World Tour. As Wii owners, we're used to being burned when it comes to this kind of thing, and we hate getting our hopes up. "Fool me once ..." and so on, right?

Vicarious Visions is trying to assuage our fears, though, confirming to MTV Multiplayer that Wii version will have downloadable content. According to Karthik Bala, CEO of the company, the DLC will even be actual songs (as opposed to the user-created content that's also a feature in Guitar Hero World Tour).

Bala didn't elaborate on that last feature (called GH Tunes), so we're not sure if it will make an appearance on the Wii; the CEO says that more details on GH Tunes are still to come. We do feel better about the downloadable content though -- at least a little bit (old habits die hard).

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