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Imagine: Princez of Persiaz

Candace Savino

The Wii might not be Prince of Persia-less, after all. With Ubisoft's track record on the Wii, though, we're not even sure that's a good thing.

Recent rumors "reveal" that Ubisoft made mention of a new Prince of Persia game for the Wii at Ubidays. According to LiveWii, it will be a spin-off of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, but other than that, few details are known.

As you might imagine, gamers can't help but be jaded by such a rumor. If it's an Ubisoft Wii game, it must either be bad or full of minigames, right? We love it, though, when people put such cynicism into picture form. That's why we've posted a handful of them (made by NeoGaffers) after the break. Even if this turns out to be a rumor, we're glad it existed just so that we could look at such silly and cynical images.

Be warned: One of the following pics is adorably NSFW. (That will make sense once you see it.)

Created by Adumaha, this is definitely our favorite of the bunch.

Jaded Alyx thinks there was some sort of mix-up, and this is what Ubisoft really meant to announce.

Either that, or the game must involve a bunch of minigames, as king zell aptly illustrates with this Prince of Persia and Rabbids mock-up.

An Ubisoft game for a Nintendo platform must mean that babies are involved somehow, like in Krypton Zod's image.

[Via NeoGAF]

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