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Motorola's V750 for Verizon flexes its mil-spec muscle

Chris Ziegler

If there's one thing Motorola knows how to do, it knows how to make rugged push-to-talk phones. With eons of iDEN experience under its belt, it's hard to argue Moto doesn't have the right stuff in that department. As iDEN makes room in the PTT limelight for EV-DO-based systems, it was starting to look like the durability of the devices was going to take a hit in favor of fashion, but the V750 looks ready to buck the trend. Previous press shots we saw didn't really do a very good job of conveying the upcoming Verizon device's rugged nature, but from freshly leaked promo materials, we see that it'll meet military specifications for shock, vibration, sun exposure, temperature, altitude, and dust. That's quite a list, and it's a big ol' heap of peace of mind for a good many Nextel customers planning on making the leap.

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