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Namco Bandai revives Splatterhouse for 2009

Nick Doerr

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Bamco Namdai, er, Namco Bandai has recently announced the resurrection of their horror franchise called Splatterhouse. It was initially a "gross-out" style of horror. Lots of dismemberments, large doses of blood for no real reason ... you know. B-movie stuff. A new title in the franchise is set to hit in 2009, boasting a storyline crafted by comic book writer Gordon Rennie. The premise? Boy seeks kidnapped girlfriend, finds mask that gives him power, violence/hilarity ensues. We presume.

Your tools of destruction are your bare fists, initially. A dynamic combat system will let you take out enemies in a number of different ways -- then you can use their limbs as weapons. Or make some weapons on your own out of whatever's around the area. You can revive defeated demons to help you solve puzzles as well as assist in destruction (slightly nostalgic feeling towards Chaos Legion).

The gore is updated now, too. If you're overrun by enemies, expect your limbs and skin to fly off, exposing internal organs. Sound meaty? Call upon the power of your mask (insert " Smmmmokin' " reference here) to bring your flesh back to your body in real-time. We'll stay cautiously optimistic, but these types of games normally fall flat on execution. Lookin' at you, Nightmare Creatures 2. Should've been more like the first.


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