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Portugal Telecom / ZON expands their HD offerings in Portugal

Darren Murph

Good news, Portugal. Two of the nation's most prominent DTH providers have just upped their respective antes, so we'll dig right into the former. PT's Meo service already features National Geographic HD, and as of just a few days ago, Eurosport HD. Now, however, the carrier will be offering up TVI to its IPTV / satellite customers in order to broadcast Euro 2008 to its customers. Oddly enough, we're told the addition of TVI (in HD / SD) will be only for Euro 2008, though it should become a regular part of the lineup in 2009. Moving on to ZON, it's planning to launch Mov HD and National Geographic HD on June 1st, and just to make sure Euro 2008 is shown in HD, it'll add Sport TV HD here shortly. In September, you can look forward to seeing Cine 1/2/3/4 in HD, and it's expected that these four could end up on PT's Meo service as well.

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