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Real-life Gears armor and Lancer coming soon

Dustin Burg

What Gears of War fanboy doesn't want to take their Gears gaming experience them into the real world. Wearing Marcus Fenix style armor with a a chainsaw revving Lancer similar to a certain Cliff Bleszinski. It's a Gears fanboy's dream! Coolest thing of all is that rather soon, that dream will be coming true.

TriForce Sales just announced that they, with the help of sculptor Sid Garrand from the famous Nightmare Armor Studios, have secured a license to create 1:1: scale replicas of Gears of War armor (including body armor and helmets) as well as the iconic Gears Lancer. All replicas will be made of high density foam, fiberglass and polyurethane composites, making them fully wearable and totally "badass". Pre-orders for the TriForce Sales produced goodness will begin July 7th over at for a yet to be revealed price. Yup, our geeky fantasies are slowly becoming a reality.

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