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Sanyo introduces PLC-XC55 / PLC-XC50 projectors

Darren Murph

We've already seen Sanyo dish out this duo in Japan under slightly different model names, but Americans who were bawling at the thought of having to fly to Tokyo in order to grab one can put away those tears. The outfit has just unleashed the PLC-XC55 (3,100 lumens) and the PLC-XC50 (2,600 lumens) here in the States, both of which feature a 1,024 x 768 resolution and Sanyo's own Active Maintenance Filter (AMF) system. These two mark the first "portable PJs" to be equipped with such a system, and if you're interested in knowing -- we know, you're on the edge of your Aeron -- it also boasts a built-in 7-watt speaker, DVI / VGA / component / S-Video / composite sockets and audio in / out jacks. Both units are landing in July, with the XC55 demanding $1,995 and the XC50 stickered at $1,495.

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