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Take Control of .Mac ebook revised, just in time for name change


Take Control Books has published the second edition of Joe Kissell's Take Control of .Mac eBook. The new version covers the use of Apple's .Mac service with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and iLife '08, with detailed information about:

  • Changes to .Mac in Leopard
  • Adding movies and photos to a Web Gallery
  • Synchronization of multiple Macs through .Mac
  • Configuring an AirPort Extreme for use with Back to My Mac
  • ...and much more!
In light of recent news about possible changes to the name and capabilities of .Mac, particularly in terms of iPhone support, it's great that this is an eBook that can be updated almost immediately by the author. If you purchase this $15 ebook now, Glenn Fleishman's upcoming Take Control of Back to My Mac title will be available to you at half-price.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have authored two Take Control eBooks -- but not the Books mentioned in this post.

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