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Wal-Mart offering $100 gift card with PS3 purchase


We've received documentation from one of our reliable sources that the $100 gift card is currently offering with the purchase of a PS3 isn't the whole story. According to images shown us (one of which we've placed after the break) from the "Wal-Mart Wire," between June 1-7 Wal-Mart stores will give a $100 gift card to customers who purchase a PS3. The interesting part is that the following week, June 8 - 15, many Blu-ray players will offer the $100 gift card, and this apparently also includes the PS3.

The kicker here is if you're looking to pick up a PS3 with your purchase of Metal Gear Solid 4, the smart money would be to pick up the 80GB PS3 MGS4 bundle available June 12 because you'll get a $100 gift card out of the deal. Sure, you could be all about the Wal-Mart hate, but we'd take the free $100.

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