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Age of Conan's guilds encouraged not to PvP in groups?

Michael Zenke

PVP-enabled servers are dangerous places in massively mutliplayer games. The possibility of being ganked is ever-present, including in newly-released the Age of Conan. According to a post to the Goonheim boards, Funcom has no problem with the ganking. That's fine, and an anticipated part of gameplay. The Goon post instead offers the apparent view that Funcom isn't happy with guild members attacking other players in a group.

Goonheim is, of course, the Conan wing of the infamous Something Awful forums. Best known for their exploits in EVE Online as the Goon Squad, the group has a certain reputation. With that in mind, this transcript should be taken with a grain of salt. Still, it raises a few interesting questions about Funcom's attitude towards PvP play; isn't grouping up part of the point of an MMO? We'll be sure to pass on further information if official word comes down from the folks at Funcom.

Update: Vipper points out a response from the developers on this issue; this essentially boils down to an individual GM giving out his opinion on a persistent griefing problem.

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