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Legends of Norrath taps June 7th for next loot tournament

Matt Warner

Sony Online Entertainment has a jam-packed summer schedule planned for Legends of Norrath players. Oathbreaker is set to release on June 19th. There's the $100,000 World Championship event at Gen Con in August. The Legends of Norrath promo weekend is underway in both Everquest and EverQuest II. If that isn't enough there's another Loot Tournament coming next weekend on June 7th with all participating players receiving promotional cards and in-game loot rewards. The official details follow:

As per usual the entry fee is 10 event passes, and tournament play is limited to U.S. residents. Each participant will receive three Legends of Norrath booster packs, a Vahlai Ka'izal, Hateful Schemer promotional card and his or her choice of either an EverQuest Familiar of Severilous or EverQuest II Flaming Skull loot card. The top 25 finishers in each event also win extra booster packs.

If you are interested in LoN but don't want to dump a bunch of cash you can download the client and learn to play for free.

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