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Toki Tori hatches this Monday in North America


Wow, how nice is it to know a game is coming out before it's released? For once, we get to experience the luxury of being told what's coming out, or at least we think we do. GoNintendo reports that Two Tribes' adorable 2D puzzler Toki Tori will be available in the North American Wii Shop this Monday at a cost of 1,000 Points. We aren't sure where the info came from, but they certainly seem sure.

10 bucks may be a lot of scratch for a WiiWare game, but this is a good one: reputable game blog Wii Fanboy called it "intelligent, charming, well-designed, and addictive." It's also hard, which means you don't run the risk of blowing through it in a couple of hours.

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