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Trailers created for World Destruction

Eric Caoili

Following Square Enix's lead, Sega has released new CG-dominated trailers for its forthcoming RPG, World Destruction: The Will That Leads, replete with dramatic music and shots of sky-bound airships.

Advocates of in-game clips need not raise their voices, as the publisher has put out an alternate trailer with combat scenes , as well as another movie advertising the planned anime, World Destruction: The Six People Who Destroy the World, both videos embedded past the post break. We're sure that were it possible, Sega likely would have put together a trailer for the upcoming World Destruction: Two Angels manga, too.

The trailers and details for the mix media production were debuted at a recent Sega meeting, in which the game's scheduled Japanese released date (September 18th) and 2 gigabits cart were revealed. The game includes some 300 event scenes, a large variety of maps, and, in particular, a large set of voices. World Destruction will be making the most out of all that space, featuring over 300 event scenes, a generous amount of maps, and an impressive set of voices. Check our gallery below for screenshots, character art, and CG grabs from the trailer!


Alternate trailer with gameplay:

Anime trailer:

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