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LotRO dev chat log gives more insight into Book 14 and Mines of Moria

Shawn Schuster

The Stratics team is at it once again bringing us the most recent House of Commons dev chat log with the LotRO developers. In this one, we get some treats in regards to Book 14 information, and the highly-anticipated first true expansion to the game: Mines of Moria.

So we're all busy people right? How about a quick summary of the topics in this log?

  • An improved Monster Play login screen is in the works, with no definite timeframe yet.
  • Since Book 13 focused so much on solo play, expect Book 14 to refocus on group play.
  • Three new 6-man instances will be be introduced, as well as new deeds for the Urugarth, Carn Dum, Barad Gularan and Annuminas instances.
  • Two new session instances will be introduced. These will not be at the level of the chicken play, but they do have plans for several more with MoM.
  • One of the core focuses with MoM is character customization and improvements as far as traits and new features.
  • The next Hobby is almost ready, with many more to come.
  • Poison will not be introduced for the good guys, as it is restricted in Tolkien lore to evil use only.

Check out the rest of this dev chat log for more information on each of these topics!

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