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Rumor: Gears 2 scheduled for Nov 16th release

Dustin Burg

Since Gears of War 2's GDC announcement we've known that the second Emergence Day would come sometime this November, but for obsessive fanboys a general thirty day release window isn't good enough. We need a specific date. That's why when we heard that Mighty Rasta, the voice actor for GoW2's Augustus Cole, hinted about the game's release date recently, our inner fanboy got a tad bit excited.

As part of the TriForce panel at Wizard World, Rasta and crew chatted about Gears 2 and some really special Gears replicas. Then someone asked about Gears of War 2's release date, the TriForce crew refused to comment but Mr. Rasta suggested asking the release date question on November 16th. A not so subtle hint that (mathematically) has a 25% chance at being correct even if Rasta knows nothing about the game's official release. Though, the release would be a odd seeing that November 16th falls on a Sunday which isn't traditionally a weekday that sees video game releases. Ahhh heck, we're optimists here and are sticking by Rasta's release date hint. November 16th here we come!

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