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Schedule for Pex's farewell tour in Star Wars Galaxies now available

Michael Zenke

At the beginning of May we brought you word that Pex, the man behind Star Wars Galaxies' singular event support system, would be leaving the game. He's slated to pick up the Community Manager position on SOE's in-development title Free Realms. His departure from the SWG team will be happening quite soon, and to allow players a chance to say goodbye the community team has coordinated with players to tour Pex around the galaxies. This farewell tour will see the man visiting almost every server, and participating in a roleplaying party thrown in his honor.

Attendees will not only get a chance to chat with Pex in-game one last time, they'll get a one-of-a-kind badge for their troubles. If you're interested in participating, the Badge Bash will be swinging through the stars next Friday and Saturday (the 6th and 7th of June). Folks looking to advertise the events can get ahold of some swanky materials whipped up by the community team. It's a fitting tribute to a guy that's impacted SWG culture as much as he has. In his honor, players are lobbying to have the Storyteller system renamed "Pex", and developers are conceptualizing an alternate appearance system that will make roleplaying in-game easier.

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