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Security cameras and a mobile phone help man track down mysterious house guest


Look, we're just as down on crazy Japanese stereotypes as the next guy. We watched Lost in Translation. We're with it. We know it's not all cosplay and weird game shows (but seriously, that human Tetris one? Awesome) and people dressing up as vending machines (pictured). That said, this story isn't doing Japan any favors. A homeless woman was recently arrested in Tokyo after living undetected in a man's closet for a year and sneaking food out of his kitchen. It was the missing food that tipped him off, so he installed some security cameras in his home to transmit images to his phone. Some motion was detected, so he called the police, and soon enough they spotted her in the closet -- where she had planted a mattress. Moral of the story? Move to Japan. Better cellphones and bigger closets. You can't lose.

[Via ixplora]

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